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100 Credits Awarded Upon Validation

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Activist Member: 3:1 Ratio
Brother Pro - Cheech & Chong Pro: 1:1 Ratio - Woodstock Pro 1:1.25 Ratio.
Progressive Surf Ratio! The more you surf the more you earn!
Earn increased surf ratio for the next day!

Win credits as you surf.
Daily, weekly & monthly surf contests!
All links, banners and text ads are checked by the Admin.

Free Referrals, Bonus Credits & even better surf ratio for Upgraded Members!

Commissions are paid for Pro Upgrades and other services provided.
Pro Members receive 25%.

In order to have smooth surfing, here are the Rules for Hit Hippie:

  • All Sites MUST be "Family Friendly" & English
  • No Rotators can be allowed
  • No Forced Downloads
  • No "Live Agent" or Exit Javascript Confirmations
  • No Gambling Sites
  • No Offensive Material
  • No Frame Breaking Pages
  • No pop up/under or exit ad
  • No Scripts or Content that Stop Surfing
  • No Adult content or links leading to sites with Adult content.
    Your membership will be deleted!
  • Any advertising (or suspected advertising) of your referral url using spam will result in your membership being removed without notice
  • Members must log in and surf within every 10 days.

a safe site ? a safe site ? a safe site ? a safe site ?

Hit Hippie is NOT an Internet Investment Business.
We will not ask you to invest any money
and will not pay you interest on any money you send us.
If you purchase goods or soervices from this website.
There will be no element of "investment" in that payment.
And the entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or service only!

All sales are final, there will be no refunds.

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